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School Leavers

Rachel, 16 Years Old, School Leaver after Year Ten. Rachel left school after completing her Year 10 certificate thinking she could easily get a job.


Six months later she was still  unemployed and was beginning to think that she had a made a mistake leaving school.

Rachel knew she wanted a career in office administration but had no clear idea about achieving this and was fast giving up hope of reaching her goal.


JobQuest worked with Rachel on her decision making skills, employer expectations, goal setting, career planning and resume building and then we referred her to enrol in a “Career in Business Course” which led to her securing a traineeship in Administration.

Traineeship in Business
Employ-ability skills

Tim, 16 Years Old, left School in Year Eleven. Tim felt he didn't fit in at school and often found his fellow students to be immature and distracting. He left school without having any idea of how he could achieve his future career goals.


JobQuest counsellors spoke to Tim about his options and helped him form a plan to get into his dream job of Hospitality Management. We organised an appointment for Tim to meet with a TAFE careers counsellor who helped him to decide which TAFE course would be most suitable for him and gave him some valuable advice on how to apply for them.


A week later, Tim  arrived for his morning appointment with JobQuest and excitedly informed us that he had a job interview that afternoon for a part time position in customer service. We spent the session preparing his resume and working on Tim’s interview skills.


Tim got the job and was really happy.  He knows that it will give him valuable skills for his future career and he commented that the work JobQuest did in that session really helped him to feel confident and do well in his interview.


Tim is now enrolled in a Certificate Four Course in Tertiary Preparation at TAFE. When he completes this he wants to continue following the plan, enrol in hospitality and management courses and achieve his goal. 

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