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Retail Courses

JobQuest is a Registered Training  Organisation that has been in the employment and training industry for over 15 years!


JobQuest is a member of Jobs Australia and ACPET (Australian Council for Private Education & Training).


Possible Career Pathway on Completion of the a retail qualification:


 § Sales Assistant                 § Cashier

 § Merchandiser                    § Supervisor

 § Department Manager       § Store Manager

 § Stock Controller                § Retail Buyer


Retail Qualifications JobQuest offer:


  • Certificate II in Retail Operations (SIR20212) (School-Based)

  • Certificate III in Retail Operations (SIR30212)

  • Certificate lV in Retail Management (SIR40212)


Training can be delivered via Fee for Service or New Entrant Traineeships.


New Entrant Traineeships

Traineeships are a system of structured training combined with employment. They are designed to help people in starting new industry based careers and provide employers with trained staff.


Course units include training in  areas such as store safety,  communication, initiative, merchandising, building relationships with customers, selling products and services, promoting loyalty programs plus a lot more!


A Traineeship is an opportunity to “Learn while you Earn.”


  • Can be completed when you are working Full Time or Part Time.

  • It is completed entirely in the Workplace.

  • They are a way to achieve Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

  • Your employer may be entitled to Incentive Payments from the Government for assisting you complete a Traineeship.


There is an administration fee payable per year of enrolment using the Traineeship mode of delivery,


New Entrant Traineeships must be started within 3 months of commencing full time  employment or within 12 months of commencing part time employment




There are lots of benefits to having Trainees working here.  We do a certain amount of training ourselves but they learn so much more during the traineeship and it encourages our other staff to do better.  We end up with much better qualified staff.  Bunty, Glenmore Park


Where can I go?


Retail comprises a lot of different areas  including Cafes, Patisseries, Video Stores,  Hardware stores, Music stores, Health food shops, Fruit and vegetable shops,  cake shops,  Sandwich shops, Clothing stores, Shoe stores, Gift shops, Camera stores, variety stores to name a few!




· You will receive a structured learning program which will set you up for a successful career in your chosen industry.


· You can apply for a Travel Concession card to be used to and from work.


· You will receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification on sucessful completion of the Traineeship.


· We will provide all of the necessary learning support  resources to assist you.


· You will have access to your allocated trainer for the duration of the traineeship via phone, fax & email Monday to Friday.


· The only cost involved is the mandatory course fee which is paid prior to commencing **There is no course fee for School Based Trainees.



Smart and Skilled Started 1 January 2015 in NSW

“Smart and Skilled” is Coming!


“Smart and Skilled” is a reform of the New South Wales Government and commenced 1 January 2015. It brings changes to the way people can do a qualification.


New price and fee arrangments for government subsidised qualifications will be in place.


The new fee arrangement will allow 46,000 more students to be trained in 2015. The Fees will vary depending on the qualification.

The Government will continue to heavily subsidise the cost of obtaining a qualification. Training is a “Shared investment”. Students benefit from better jobs and wages and the community benefits from a skilled economy.


There will be fee exemptions and concessions for disadvantaged learners and in regional and remote areas.

More information can be found at

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