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Progress in Life

Sean was referred to JobQuest by one of our employment service partners as an Early School Leaver.


At school he found it hard to get along with teachers and other students, and this affected his participation and learning. He disliked all subjects except Maths and was expelled from school for verbal and physical violent behaviour. 


He was sent to a behavioural / alternative learning institution where he gained year 10 equivalent qualification.


Now 18, Sean was interested in a career in Landscaping, but was unsure of how to achieve his goal.As well as career development issues, Sean has trouble controlling his frustration and anger at times,

 which resulted in troubles with Police and his family.


In addition he had unpaid fines which prevented him from applying for his driving licence.


JobQuest helped Sean to enrol in a TAFE outreach course in his local area, where he worked towards a qualification in landscaping. He has made a determined effort to engage in the course, and hasd gained not just practical skills but also self-esteem.


He received counselling on anger management and family relationships. 


To assist Sean with outstanding fines JobQuest helped him apply for and obtaina Work Development Order (WDO) through NSW State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO).  Continuously making progress in clearing his fine, Sean can now deal with his other issues with new found confidence.


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