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Planning and organizing are critical skills one needs to function effectively at work.  It allows an employee to work out a schedule among competing priorities to meet desired outcomes.  


Not so simple for Anne, seventeen years old, expelled from school in year eight and now with a criminal history.  Life on the streets had deprived her of the opportunities to acquire planning and organizing skills, as she had no chance of attending school, and won’t even dreamt of getting a job.


Through a training program , Anne was assigned responsibilities on planning and growing a small community garden at North Penrith Community Centre.  Her task was to design the garden – choose what to plant and how to arrange the plants.  Anne was able to overcome the constraints of her limited education and made the job her own with excellent results, surprising herself and those around her. 


By learning to plan and organize in this work environment, she was soon incorporating this structure into other aspects of her life.  This included cooking, organising recipes and keeping to a budget. 


Her proud mother travelled from Melbourne to Sydney to see Anne presented with a Certificate II in Business.



Planning and Organising

“I meet such a variety of different students.  Anne’s experience was especially challenging but what she achieved was very inspiring to me and all of the others involved” 

Heather – Youth Consultant

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