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Jade was a Year 9 student at a High School in Sydney’s Inner West.  Her school found she lacked direction about future goals, had a negative attitude towards school work and a number of unexplained absences.


Through various interventions, Jade has developed employability skills such as effective communicating, handling large volumes of information for study purposes, meeting employer expectations and planning for future careers. 


As part of the program she helped to organise an excursion to a Centrelink Employment Expo, which involved preparing a proposal for the school Principal, drafting a permission note for parents as well as a risk assessment for JobQuest’s youth consultants. 


At the expo she was able to meet various people from different industries, who were able to give advice and guidance about career avenues that interested her.


 Jade had decided to be an Architect, she also had the opportunity to be mentored by the head of an organisation that worked with women in the building industry.


Jade finished JobQuest’s program with a definite plan and confidence on how she could reach her career goal.    

JobQuest teaching empowerment

“Jade has made excellent progress since the IEA program; has become more engaged with her classes, puts greater effort into her work and is taken greater responsibility for her own learning "


- Jade’s Year Advisor

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