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Specialised In-House Programs for your school 


Including but not limited to: (8 week program or 10 week programs available).   (Min 6 / Max 10 participants)

 JobQuest is proud of our Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School Links to Learning group who have been working hard on starting their own businesses from scratch and raising a huge $1,200 for Youth Off The Streets.

Big "Thank you"s  need to go out to Anthony Walker from Bank of Queensland Penrith for generously donating a kick starter fund and offering wise advice along the way,  Anil Puri from Nexus Business Growth Solutions for donating his time every week to offer business mentoring to the students, McDonalds licensees Kathryn & Ian Garton for offering real world retail advice to prepare the students for selling and Brett Carter from Schools Industry Partnership for linking everyone together and organising amazing selling opportunities for the girls. Aug 2014


JobQuest Links to Learning with Nepean Performing Arts School

Winmalee High School Links to Learning Students have done a fantastic job over the past 2 terms, working hard to complete their Vertical Garden Project! Well done boys, you should all be so proud of the effort you have put in, it looks awesome!! 

JobQuest would also like to thank all partners who made this project possible.. Winmalee High School, Oasis Horticulture Springwood, Greenwall Australia, Rural Skills Australia, Penrith Schools Industry Partnership and Nursery and Gardens Industry NSW & ACT.  (July 2014)

JobQuest Links to Learning with Winmalee High School
JobQuest Youth assisting RMH

JobQuest Youth Programs

Newcastle 4960-9024 

 Penrith 4731-4400

JobQuest Hunter / Newcastle Nov 2014


All roads led to Teralba on Monday.  Residents from Anglican Care Nursing Homes arrived for a Christmas Morning Tea party at Tasty Treats on Teralba.  It was organized by our JobQuest retail students.  The enterprise based Youth Connections program aimed to provide an opportunity for disengaged students to gain customer service skills. 


Tasty Treats on Teralba became a weekly activity and morning tea outing for aged care residents.  One young student went from couch surfing to a job with a Rathmines Auto Wrecker.


Chrystine from Anglican Care thought Tasty Treats on Teralba has been a wonderful success with residents stating that they feel like they are helping the younger generation by giving them confidence in themselves while improving their skills & that they feel this is evident each time they visit. Congratulations on a  wonderful intergenerational program. Read More.....

Youth Programs

RAGE – RAGE is an anger management course for young people aged between 11 and 17. RAGE is a strengths based solution focussed program that is practical and fun.


Managing the Bull – Managing the Bull program is a program that builds resilience in bullied teens through games, activities and discussions in a safe, supportive environment.


Holyoak DrumBeats – The Drumbeat program is an initiative designed to assist disengaged students to connect with their community and develop skills for successful transition.

Drumbeat aims to promote positive relationships, increase resilience and participation using rhythm and beat to encourage participants to work towards a common goal, while reflecting on the flow and rhythm of life and the role they play in society.


Project Based Learning Activities – Customised activities that allow students to develop skills. Examples include fundraising activities, event management and Career / Employability Focussed Groups – Students with common aim of seeking employment work with JobQuest consultants to be work ready, including resumes, interviews, employer expectations and work experience.


RAW – Ready Arrive Work is a program designed by JobQuest in conjunction with the Department of Education and Communities. Focus is on employability, the workplace and vocational skills.


Also available (ask for further details RAP-A, Rock and Water, Formal Qualifications such as First Aid, Safe Food Handling, Business, Retail, Property Services and School Based Traineeships)



Other Workshops available: Choose workshops that suit your students needs; JobQuest consultant will deliver to the cohort in groups over the course of one day at your school


Choose from the following topics (or  customising something that you want)

□ Resume – what to include, how to set it out, what employers want;

□ Cover letters - what to include, how to set it out, what employers want;

Group interviews –  mock/group interview conducted with students;

□ Job searching – Where to look, cold calling, how to do it successfully;

□ Work Experience – expectations  and sourcing

□ Employability skills - What employers want and what you already have to offer    them. How to get skills;

□ Links between school and work – how school is preparing you for the              workforce;

□ Employer Expectations – What do employers expect from you as a staff      member? Realities of the workforce;

□ Interviews – What to expect, how to dress, how to prepare (* note additional    costs may apply depending on what structure you require);


□ Other – Let us know what you need






Choose from the following or contact us to create your own.


Each of the events involves student participation in activities as well as information to assist them::


 □ 3E – Education, Employment, Engagement –

.JobQuest staff  coordinate bringing various educational institutions / career services / employers to your school. Discussion forums and activities with students, JobQuest staff and guests to assist select students look at post school options. Recess and lunchtime “stalls” for all students to meet, talk and interact with guests;


□ SPEED DATING – A Services and Local Agencies Day. JobQuest staff will coordinate bringing a number of local support services to your school for student awareness and access whilst at school or post school. All agencies are given a 5 minute spot to promote to students what they can offer, then market stalls are set up for students to access further information. Students participate in hands on activities whilst finding out what is available to them.


□ SAFE PARTYING – JobQuest staff coordinate a number of services to inform students of consequences, choices how to stay safe;


 OTHER – Ask us to create something that you need!


Call or Email for pricing  

Penrith/Western Sydney 4731-4400  ....  Newcastle Areas 4960-9024

JobQuest work with a spectrum of at risk youth, including those who are most at risk through to those who are severely disengaged from education, family and community. The aim is to help the participants to be engaged with education, training, their family and the community.

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