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Ali was born in Iraq and left his homeland with his family when his father was killed. Ali was 16 and was at school in the Fairfield/ Liverpool region.  


Ali’s school approached JobQuest for assistance as he was disruptive during class and could not focus on his school work.


JobQuest organised a series of projects for Ali, such as helping a local library to regenerate their youth area to encourage U18’s to use the facility; taking part in a UWS Trust program; and assisting the UWS’s Psychology Department  conducting a research project.  


During the program it transpired that Ali had a low level of literacy and numeracy which he was ashamed of.  He used his bad behavior during class to hide his embarrassment.  It was clear from the project activities that he had a “natural” ability for leadership, problem solving, decision making and a real aptitude for “hands on practical activities”.


Ali made such a positive impression with the librarians that the Library Youth Liaison Officer specifically invited Ali to represent the local youth at the reopening ceremony of their youth project - “The Space”.   


Ali’s confidence has grown.  He no longer feels the need to “hide” his literacy issues, as he realises that he has other excellent skills. He  is working towards  getting into the building industry via a School Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship.


Setting Goals.

“I would like to thank you again for the assistance the RAW students gave us with our ‘The Space’ project and I personally would particularly like to see Ali at the launch to the reopening of this area”

- Youth Services Library Officer

JobQuest transition
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