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Alternative Learning

JobQuest suggested we help the students from the Aboriginal Studies class design and build a bush tucker garden in the school grounds.


The students would be carrying out most of the designing, preparation and gardening.


First the students planned and prepared their garden, and made stepping stones and a bird bath for it. The students then spent a day sowing the garden with native bush tucker plants.


The students gained many skills from participating on the programme, including Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Awareness and Cultural Awareness.

JobQuest alternative learning
JobQuest Alternative Learning

They also did traditional Aboriginal Dot Paintings and consulted with local Elders about their Aboriginal Culture.


By the time the garden was completed the students were proud of their achievement and were much more settled in school.


The garden was a huge success. Now Windsor High School is making plans to build a Dreaming Garden where students can take time out from class to enjoy a lush garden complete with a frog pond full of life.



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