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Penrith Skills for Jobs Ltd trading as JobQuest was set up by a group of concerned citizens and volunteers in 1987 to provide basic community services for disadvantaged people in Western Sydney.


Commenced as Community Youth Support Services (CYSS), JobQuest has expanded our services from at risk youth to include long term unemployed, people with disabilities, mature age job seekers, refugees and other highly disadvantaged  target groups.


Now operating in both Western Sydney and Newcastle, it is JobQuest's aim to help disadvantaged members of the community to be resourceful, independent and self-reliant, and be connected and accepted by the general community and the public.


 Our Vision

To help build a resourceful, connected and accepting community through developing empowered, skilled and caring individuals

Our Mission

Through a client focused and community oriented approach, JobQuest engages and supports our clients to confidently:

  • Develop skills

  • Connect with each other

  • Engage with the community

  • Build strong networks

  • Recognize opportunities

  • Increase their sense of belonging

Our Clients

Are those seeking support to maximise their potential in order to contribute to their community

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